Satan's Kingdom

In a world of terrorism, corruption, and violent crime, there exists a covert agency comprised of the world’s most elite intelligence officers—The Black Lions. Recruited in secrecy to attend to matters of international security, they will stop at nothing in order to complete their mission.

Something sinister is happening in Eastern Europe that has seen a new evil arise. An organ-harvesting operation in Hungary has caused grave concerns, as an alarming number of people are being kidnapped by someone. Simultaneously, a terrorist cell is planning to blow up iconic European cities. A connection between these two seemingly unrelated evils is beginning to surface, and in order to eliminate the threat, The Black Lions must go undercover into a dark, deranged, and terrifying world.





The world’s grTrouble In Paradiseeatest spy is also its most troubled: Jackson, the last remaining Intelligence Officer from The Black Lions, is washed up after his last mission in Hungary. Battling his personal demons is only the beginning: A new terror has hit his hideaway of Costa Rica and in order to redeem himself he must tread deep within the jungle where his greatest foe awaits.

The Dark Prince brings a new name to evil. In his world, black magic meets commerce as the dark side of voodoo experiences a renaissance. Jackson, now a drunken street fighter, faces a do-or-die situation: He must find the strength and courage to rebuild himself to the standards of The Black Lions, and in order to do so, he must face off with a demonic witch doctor who is hellbent on defeating him.






“Vagabond,” an inspirational travel adventure novel, takes you on a scenic journey through Latin America as the main character learns to live his life by following his own heart.

Leonardo wakes up one day and decides he’s had enough of the monotony of daily routine and of being told by others how he should live his life. There’s only one solution: Buy a backpack and venture toward the adventurous lands of Latin America. Along the way, he discovers the powerful effects that travel has on him as he encounters new friends, new experiences, and a new way of looking at the world. Little does he know that a greater force is at work and that in the process of discovering new people, he learns how to listen to his heart and follow his dreams.





The End Of AthensIt is the year 2091 and humans have lost their ability to dream. After decades of financial and social depression, their dreams and aspirations have been repressed to the point where they are now a recessive gene—an impossibility of the modern mind.

The novel is set in Greece, one of the world’s worst social and economic disaster zones. All hope for future happiness has been lost. But one young man, Nikos, discovers that he is not like everybody else—that there is indeed something unique about him: Though he believes he may be going crazy, Nikos discovers that he is the only person in Greece who has inherited the ability to dream. But time is running out as the government continues to inflict the people with corruption and suppression. Nikos must find a way to teach others how to dream so that once again society can free itself from the shackles of mental slavery.


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