Write to AK:

Publishers Perspective: NYC- click here.

Las Vegas KLAV radio: Click here for Anthony Karakai highlights. 

Las Vegas KLAV radio: Click here to listen to the full show.

Morgen Bailey: UK- click here.

Las Vegas KLAV radio: Go to: 44.05 and listen until 46.40 (near the end of the show) to see what they had to say

Paper Dragon Ink: Pop-culture website- click here.

The Geek Post: Canada- click here.

Xpat Loop: Budapest news- click here.

Xpat Loop: Budapest news book review- click here.

3 thoughts on “Media

  1. Antony:I finished my book.
    Is a true story.
    Want to have a publisher .
    The plane is after book publish i would make it to the movie.
    Can you help me to publish this book.
    Note: I can be google.
    Lila Sadafi

  2. Hope all is well since our discussion on the phone regarding your upcoming interview, April 9, 2012.. You definitely know how to market, and that is the key to your success. Can’t wait to have you on the show to discuss Publishers vs. Self-Publishing, the importance of having that passion to write, and once you have completed your work, the necessity for a writer to develop that desire to succeed. Best selling author, Morgan St. James will be on the show with us. I have no doubt, this will be an exciting interview.
    Best of luck with all of life’s endeavors.
    Sincerely, James Kelly

    1. Thank you James, I’m really excited to be on the show! It’s going to be great, and I look forward to hearing all about Morgan too. I’ll be in contact closer to the date, and in the mean time, I’ll do my best to prepare! I am delivering a speech to a large group of final year students in Melbourne the week prior, so I’ll be sure to mention the show.

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